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Watch Kosuke Kitajima's outstanding technique in this 200m Breaststroke race. Check his timing, body position and head position. Watch out also for the width and power of both his arm pull and leg kick.

Swimmers - we need to try to ensure that you have good length to your stroke; this means fully extending at the front of the stroke after the arm pull. You will find that the stroke initially feels slower, however, your swimming speed is greatly increased by reducing resistance and maximising propulsion. It is so important for those who wish to improve their breaststroke to develop a very strong and effective leg kick. Think more of a narrow kick rather than a wide sweep kick and try to focus on snapping the ankles and feet together (toes pointed away from you) at the end of the kick back. This needs to happen on every kick, not just when you are trying to kick fast.

Lets see if we can make a difference - all the best - Robin Brew

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