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Matthew Henry wins Gold

Matthew Henry wins Gold

2nd May 2010: On the first day of the South West Championships Kelly swimmers got off to a great start, with Matthew Henry winning a gold medal in the 17 and over 400m Freestyle in 4:04.90. Matthew produced a great swim, even whilst in heavy training, and led the field from start to finish.

Next up was 16-year-old Blaine Small in the 400m IM. Blaine, like Matthew, produced a great race, considering her current training commitments, to collect the silver medal in 5:09.29.

Mark Samutt swam true to form once again, setting a new Maltese National Record and gaining a new NQT in the 100m Backstroke in 1:02.88.

On day one of the competition, Kelly swimmers had achieved eight NQT’s and 11 finalists which included; Matthew Henry (1), Blaine Small (3), Mark Samutt (1), Patrick Blake (1), Cameron Brodie (2), Lawrence Oxborough (2) and Bruce Traill (1).

Day two started well again, with Ben Walsh winning a gold medal in the 17 and over 800m Freestyle, recording a time of 9:01.64.

The big breakthrough of the weekend came for Charlie Bayliss as he fought his way to gaining his first ever National Qualifying time in the 200m Butterfly. Charlie repeated his performance in the final, improving his time to 2:15.65 to win a silver medal.

Rachael Bennett kept everyone guessing as she worked her way through the field in the 200m Freestyle final to hit the front with one length to go. It was an amazingly close race between Kelly, Millfield and Gloucester. In the last 5m, on this occasion, Rachael lost the touch to finish in bronze position in the girls 16 years and over.

Day two, Kelly swimmers achieved three NQT’s and finalists included; Blaine Small (3), Charlie Bayliss (1), Rachael Bennett (1), Ben Walsh (1), Mark Samutt (1), Lawrence Oxborough (1), Patrick Blake (1) and Bruce Traill (1).