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George Humphrey

George Humphrey

18 Swimmers from Kelly College travelled up to Ponds Forge ISC, in Sheffield to compete at the Derventio eXcel Open Meet at the beginning of April. From 87 swims, the Kelly swimmers achieved 70 personal best times (pbs), of which 9 were National Qualifying times(nqt); 17 medals, 2 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze and three Kelly College Swim Squad age group records.

Chloe Barrow: Chloe had 5 events and 5 pbs. Chloe’s best swim of the Meet was the 50m fly where she won a bronze medal.

Charlie Bayliss: Charlie achieved pbs in all his swims, culminating in a nqt in the 200m Butterfly and a silver medal.

Elliot Boon: Elliot came to this Meet having had time off with a high temperature and fever, so not the best of preparation. However Elliot still managed to attain 3 pbs from his 5 swims.

Josh Boon: Josh had the biggest pb of the Kelly swimmers, taking 48.85 off his 400m free time.

Felix Davies: Four swims and four pbs. Felix was flying in all his events. He went home a very happy young man.

Sophie Hastings: Sophie has been out of swimming recently for several different reasons, the last being two weeks out of the water with ear problems. Sophie had three sprint events at this Meet and did really well to get a pb in the 100m Free.

Matthew Henry: Two gold medals, two bronze medals, five pbs and two nqt in the 200m IM and 400m Free.

George Humphrey: Four pbs and for George a dream come true, two nqt – the 400m Individual Medley and the 200m Breaststroke, two of the most gruelling events of the Meet. As George had not bought his mother a Mother’s Day Present, he duly presented her with his qualifying swims, which she accepted as the best present she had ever received.

Georgia Jones: Georgia had eight events at the Meet and in all her events Georgia produced personal best times, the biggest being 8.60 seconds off her 200m backstroke.

Victoria Moore: Victoria, as our youngest swimmer at the Meet had four events and four personal best times. Victoria knocked 11.39 seconds off her 200m Individual Medley.

Robert Nielsen: Only two events for Robert, but both pbs and a silver medal in the 50m backstroke.

Brittaney O’Reilly: Five events for Brittaney and five pbs, but best of all Brittaney achieved her first ever national qualifying time. To do this Brittaney took 14.45 seconds off her 200m breaststroke time, which also presented her with a Kelly College age group record for 11 year old girls and a silver medal. Brittaney won two other medals, silver in the 100m breaststroke and bronze in the 50m breaststroke. Well done.

Mark Sammut: From the five events that Mark entered he took three pbs and dipped under the one minute mark in the 100m fly for the first time.

Lucy Sanderson: Seven events for Lucy and three pbs. Lucy took three silver medals in the 50m, 100m and 200m Butterfly and in the latter two events Lucy also achieved national qualifying times.

Benjamin Staig: Ben had eight races and six personal best times. The two days were very tiring for Ben but he went away with two silver medals, 2 bronze medals and two Kelly College age group records for 11 year old boys in the 50m Butterfly and the 200m breaststroke.

Joseph Voller: Joe is another swimmer just coming back from illness, however Joe swam in six events and had five pbs.

Ben Walsh: Ben’s aim for this Meet was to get a national qualifying time in the 200m backstroke, which he duly did with a time of 2.12.23. In his other three events Ben swam to personal best times.

Erin Walsh: Erin had a very good Meet with six events and four personal best times. Erin took 13.63 seconds off her 400m Individual Medley.