Club Mark and Swim 21 Accredited
  1. Update from Youth Olympic Games, Singapore (Thu 19/08/10)

    Jenni is under the weather, but no frogs for Mark!

    Jenni: "Not feeling so good today - thought I had a cold developing last night and this morning I had a continuous running nose and sneezing - think it is the continual hot weather combined with the freezing air conditioning, hence one minute I am boiling hot and the next freezing cold, so dosing myself up with pills, keeping my distance from Mark and hoping to feel better soon.

    Skipped breakfast, no appetite. Also thunder and lightning so had to delay Mark's training, but at 12.30 a break appeared in the clouds, so it was a quick walk over to the pool and Mark jumped in for his last training session. All went well - no frogs, so peaceful.

    Then it was a quick lunch and back to our rooms for a rest before an early tea, a visit to see some photos that the 'young photographers' (volunteer photographers) took of Mark on Tuesday. Some great photos - hopefully they will be published at a later date.

    Now in the TV room catching up with emails, checking up on results from the ASA Nationals and then to bed, early rise tomorrow to go to the Singapore Sports School for the 200m backstroke heats."  »